Ahmed Arafeh


Ahmed Arafeh first studied in Jordan and specialised in Graphic design. He believes that the combination between work, family and everyday life is what inspires him as he believes that you cannot wait for inspiration, you have to go after it. For Ahmed to get incentive to create a great design he surrounds himself in simple things such as his passion for soft music and multicultural melodies, and extracts the simple imagination he builds up to create a design that can be classified as art. His work allows him to do what he likes and he grasps and takes advantage of that freedom. His deep insight in modern designs and traditional designs lets him have the right balance to produce work with the right mix of both also keeping in mind what consumers are hoping for. Ahmed got the opportunity to excel himself when he worked the international company Promo seven in as he faced challenges in his work that assisted him to progress his abilities. Moreover he also got the privilege to work with members of the Royal family in Saudi Arabia, as well as big brands .

  • Work
    • Creative Director