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ahmed aSSaF


ahmed aSSaF


Name :-AhMeD Mohamed aSSaF Mohamed

Age :- 22 And Grow Up

Studied at : Faculty oF Arts And Social Sciences Department oF History


Hobbies :- Reading , Histrionics , PlayStation , Football ,writing

First:- Personal strange, I have hope I be anything big is very different from all the people in everything, eating on his way to listen to the songs I like to write about my life because I do not know to express what only into me by writing own beloved fictitious name Omnia which is actually my wish'm looking for a fact that I know how my love for her, but all I know I will never love only is this simple definition Savior of my life

Secondly - I have friends like brothers are Karim Samy - Mohamed Salah - Ahmed Mamdouh - Mohamed Hakeem - Taha Hamdy - Mohamed Gaber - Ahmed Diab Try to accompany the men know the proverb men Treasures

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