Ahmed El-Eraky

Cairo, Egypt

Digital Fabrication Expert, Freelancer (Machine Designer, Robot Builder, Embedded Systems Designer, Web Designer, Product Designer, Junior Android Developer & Mechatronics Engineer).

I have a vision of finding the relation between Engineering & Art.

I want to be like Ibn Al Razzaz Al Jazari & Da-Vinci in mixing between engineering & art.

I like to draw on walls, it's a feeling of freedom that u can draw whatever you want on a wide space.

Origami, drawing, reading & making are my hobbies.

My Dream is to establish an Institute of Engineering and Art in Egypt that teaches all kinds of engineering & art in a free style that gives students the space to discover, create and innovate.

One day i'll pack my backpack, travel around the world and draw something on a wall & give a small handmade robot as a gift to someone i do not know in each country i visit.

I’m working on leaving good imprint in human kind history.

  • Work
    • Troubleshooter
  • Education
    • Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University
    • Mechatronics Engineering