Ahmed Fahad

I am a teenager who wants to make a mark on the world for what he has done. I want to be remembered by the world as a person who believed in his abilities and used them to the utmost to help others. I am creative, and friendly. I am good at photography,painting, drawing, reading and doing research. I like to read books but I am not a total book-worm. I am good with computers, and I like to socialize and make new networks. I do freelancer jobs on the web in my free-time. Although I like to involve myself in lots of extra-curricular activities, I complete my schoolwork before moving on to other things. One of my main hobbies is to watch each and every match of my favorite sports team, both in cricket and football. I like to design professional and abstract graphics, and am now learning web-designing. So, this is me, in short, I am an amateur at almost everything. I like to spend time by trying new food and playing video-games. By now you might have understood how busy I am. But I like keeping myself busy, it helps me pass my time without sitting idol and being bored. I also play Cricket and Football on weekends. In other words, I am a guy who just does not want to stand still.