Ahmed Hasan

I've trained and coached 1000's of people whether individuals, companies or NGO's, in both Arabic and English languages. Examples of whom I worked with include top ranked businessmen, artists and students. SME (small and medium enterprises) and large corporate such as Emerging Media UK and Vodafone. NGO's I worked with include Lifemakers and Resala. I've also worked with some student activities at different universities across Egypt such as Helwan University and Cairo University.

I've obtained several certificates of training and coaching along with several internships abroad. Certificates I obtained includethe traditional coaching program, the training of trainers program by the UN, NLP practitioner, master practitioner and NLP coaching programs accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), Meta-states practitioner and master practitioner accredited by the Internationl Society of Neuro Semantics (ISNS) and many other programs and certificates. Internships I've had include training/coaching groups of team leaders of different nationalities each with a team of 10-20, in the Caux mountain house, Caux, Switzerland. I trained and coached the leaders on so many different soft skills including leaderships skills, communication skills, presentation skills and people management skills.

Now I work as a training and coaching manager in Emerging Media UK. Emerging Media UK is one of the leading marketing companies in the UK that works with 10's of clients such as British Telecom (BT),Vodafone, Experian, Citroen, Oracle, Sudocrem and many other large and small enterprise. I manage the training and coaching processes for the new and exisiting marketing, tele-sales and management staff. I train/coach and supervise the trainers/caoches. I also design the training and coaching programs for the new and exisiting staff to meet the company's training and coaching needs.

I also work as a free-lance life coach and soft skills trainer. I design and deliver training programs specialized in sales and soft skills such as (communication – presentation – time management – team building- Training of trainers etc….) along with coaching programs focused on personal/organizational change, emotional management and relationships management.