Ahmed Montaser


hi ..im Ahmed Montaser let's go to talk about my self so....you all know my name :) im at fuculty of computer &information at third year section 1 (to be more specific) :) i like math...i get the full mark at secondary school at every branch of it except probability ...my teacher like my specific solutions and im creative at it i can solve complex problems and i cant be quite till i can find more than one solution ....my symbole at this life is that "when you find a problem ...just smile and continue and say allah with you...and dont surrender "

my sportive activities

im a hero of karate :)

i have 6 cirtifications for championships of karate and 3 medallions two of them is selver and the another from bronze ..

im a hero of swimming

now imlooking forward to get a championship at bodybuilding

my social activities

when i was at secondary i took a certification of the Ideal Student becouse i was good at military education at ny school and i'm kind with my friends.

i was one of the top of who is tested the mintal tests in Assuit.

i shared at et3alem team

i shared at tadreeb team .. and i was a game developer

my best Scientific material

programming language (java +c++ +Assembly +ada+sql)


my symbol is that (try to be a different from the other ....and just challenge yourself).

Im Egyption and im proud

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