Ahmed A. Rehim


self obsessed and i wouldn't describe my self as anybody's best friend. adventurous, creative and risk-taking. bossy, patronizing, snobbish, egotistical, boastful and arrogant. and i can easily become depressed, obsessive and confused.

I'm a 22 year old university student. i study at the Tanta university's faculty of commerce - English section.

i'm a presenter at enactus Tanta, i also manage and direct the presentation team. i used to be a blogger, but then i got bored!!

I'm quite obsessed with English, its my thing and i am very good at it. i hope to live and study in England some day. i don't think there is any thing else worth mentioning. if you have anything you want to know about me, send me a message. that's why they created the messaging system, you know. oh, one more thing.

This man (i.e, me) posts sexually explicit material and coarse language. If you are offended, no one is making you stay here. i am not responsible for your ticket to Hell. so, if u don't like me i don't care!!! ... but I'm fun to be around!!!!