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Ahmed Sobieh


AHMED SOBIEH . 17 yrs . Mn SOUTH SINAI . moslem . Sanwya 3ama . Mr7la Tanya ' ADBY ana wel fa5r lya . AHLAWY AS_EEL.... M4 bzaker ella fe a5r 4hr. b7b s7aby awy . .... b7b el alsh bs m4 kolo ... b7b ar5m 3la elbnat . 2m7awy... qasir bs makir ...... Sa7b Sa7bo .... ISA 3awz Ad5ol Tegara English . Gbt Fe 2Snwy 89.5% ...... M4 msa7b we law Sa7bt Htkon Dy Sherikt 7ayaty.

  • Education
    • Sanwya 3ama