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Ahmed Tallat

Sohag , Egypt

Ahmed Tallat

Sohag , Egypt

Personal Information:

Full Name: Ahmed Tallat Mohammed Abd-Ellah

Date of Birth: 11/4/1998

Nationality: Egyptian
Marital Status: single

Gender: Male
E- Mail:
Address: Ramadan Al-Saidy St./Al makhbaz AL Aly, Sohag, Egypt
Hobbies: Reading .Playing Football . Playing Volleyball ..

Phone Number.: 01274766493
Education :-
Undergraduate student at Al Shaheed Abd Al min’em Riyade Secondry School


School Name : Al Shaheed Abd Al min’em Riyade Secondry School
Grade: Second Year

Preparatory Certificate

Primary Certificate


Good in English languag
Good at making short and long term plans
Fluent in Arabic as it is the native language
Time management
English Course … (not completed Yet now )

Interests :
Scientific Research
Physics (To Good extent )

Arabic (first language )
English (to good extent)

“How to be a Scientist” course from Tahrir Academy
“Critical Thinking” course from Tahrir Academy
Scientific Research …Egypt Scholars Institution … (not completed Yet now )