Ahmed Abdul-Aziz


Creative designer Ahmed Abdul-Aziz brings 24 years of experience in interior design, Art creation, Strategic Design and Brand Management in the Middle East.

Current Position is Concept Design Manager for “EXA” the brand name of: ALFANAR Ceramic, KSA.

Holding a wide scope of work that directs various fields of creativety through the whole product lifecycle: starting from international “design and fashion” trends studies, determining brand personality/positioning, product conceptual studies, Product development, Product launching, marketing communication, design supportive services to “sales”, market feedback analysis

· Ahmed Abdul Aziz is highly experienced in the field of ceramic tiles with remarkable skills in: forming, coaching &directing highly creative, productive teams of Product, graphic & interior designers.

· A visionary who`s carefully manipulating the 4 elements of marketing mix: Product/Price/Place/Promotion, with a vision to enhance human potentials by offering affordable modern luxury products with distinctive taste.

· maintaining a delicate balance between two heavy responsibilities :

a) supporting community development as a responsible artist

b) Exceeding expected financial revenues of business owners.

· Strong Management & Technical skills: Worked as Lead Designer, Art director, Operational Marketing Manager, Product Design Manager & Strategic design Manager in large scale Companies in KSA & Egypt.

· Strong knowledge for international Art, fashion & design trends.

· Talented “Trend” observer & forecaster.

· Strong strategic thinker adopting “ethical leadership” principles with clarity and conviction.

  • Education
    • Bachelor degree of Interior design from the faculty of Applied Arts