Ahmed Abou Taleb

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Ahmed is a trilingual political analyst and security researcher with an experience in the news industry and a comprehension of media & PR dynamics. In his researches, he worked on conflict analysis, political violence as well as state and nation building. He also tackled the Sudan – South Sudan peace agreement and assessed its implication regarding security arrangements and public administration. He has published research on cyber security and the 21st century online “hackivist” groups. Currently, Ahmed is working on Security Sector Reform & Risk Analysis in developing countries especially in the Middle East, Africa & South America. He is also very interested in Defense and the growing relation between security and development worldwide.

Ahmed has received a graduate education in Business & International Commerce in Egypt and France. He then pursued political science post-graduate studies in France and conducted field research in both Northern & Southern Sudan. He worked for Perception Communication, BBC Arabic and several Egyptian NGOs. He is the founder and curator of the Art Dungeon.

He currently works in the Business Intelligence industry.

  • Education
    • Masters of Comparative Politics , IEP - Sciences Po Aix, France
    • Maitrise of Public & Territorial Administration, Paris II, France
    • Bachelor's of Applied Languages, UFE & Paris III, Egypt & France