Ahmed Idris Ali

Khartoum, Khartoum State, Sudan

My Full Name: Ahmed Idris Ali Ebrahim

Studying I.T at GardinCityCollage For Science and Technology

Software Engineerer, ًWeb & Database Designer, DBA . On other side I'm Talented in Basketball because I'm a tall guy ;) "point_guard". You can get to know me in a simple way, I love plolitics in curious way i like the colore RED I spend most my time on my Computer, watching television, reading novels. The other side of me you don't want to know about it & never ever try to think about it.

From Sudan,,,, I love fashion And I love my family I like smart, sexy and smoky chicks,,, Latino Italiano Sudanese... Anykind but the tallest one has more respect :) ,,,

Don't get confused between my personality & my attitude. My personality is who i am, my attitude depends on who you are. I came from a place where stars never shine, And drama is not accepted, credit cards are declined.


  • Work
    • VIVA for Computer Services
  • Education
    • Information Technology - Gardin City College