Ahmed Khalifa Abd El-Gawad

Cairo, Egypt

Network Administrator

Mobile: +20100 278 1211

Career Objective:


I possess good knowledge base of the various networking applications of the computer net systems. I prove myself efficient in ensuring proper management of these systems. I am looking for a better position where with the help of improvised and developed methods can upgrade the network systems and ensure their safety.



B.Sc. of Information Technology – Modern Academy

Graduation Year: May 2012 – “ Excellent ”

Total Grade: .Very Good Graduation

Project Grade: Excellent ( 3rd in order of my faculty )



(A) Courses:

(B) Computer Skills:

(C) Advanced Skills:

  • Education
    • B.Sc Of Information Technology - Modern Academy
    • 1- ( CCNA ) - ( Cisco Certified Network Associate )