Ahmed Refaie

Alexandria, Egypt.

Ahmed Refaie is a big picture oriented, results-driven risk taker who enjoys autonomy, which makes him a strategic thinker & generalist, who operates in a managerial administrative environment, with technical skills & knowledge to assure the sufficiency of the organization, in addition to strong analytical & interpersonal skills. He prides himself on being an effective communicator and brand evangelist.

Manage, administrate & negotiate deals with other parties, have a high technical knowledge & decision-making, a good understanding of market trends, the political and macroeconomic environment and deal mechanics.
Ability to work in different locations, indoors & outdoors, working under extreme stress & traveling a lot, with a good network of contacts.
5 years of extensive experience in sales & marketing from 2006 till the end of 2010, Ahmed closed deals with different companies such as PEPSICO, Al Ahram for Beverages, Mazzika, Alam El Fan, Zoom, Rotana, Melody, Nogoom FM, Adidas, Levi’s, and Timberland, concerning sales, marketing, advertising, entertainment events, and sponsorship announcements when he was delegated for sales and marketing management in a number of private beaches in the north coast of Egypt such as Paradise Beach, Tahiti Beach, and Nirvana Beach, with a solid expertise of promotions for outstanding performance, with the ability to increase the market share, outperform competition, and increase profits. Committed to achieving all assigned tasks and financial goals. Highly talented in developing and implementing business strategies to propel a position of leadership within respective market and simultaneously achieve corporate goals. Able to deal, lead and motivate colleagues from all backgrounds, creative problem–solving and solution-oriented approach.
5 years of highly skilled and précised professional-efficient hands on experience in asset, wealth, and investment management from 2009 till now, through his recommendations, consultancy, and business planning & strategy formulation, Ahmed advises on fundamental & technical analysis of stocks and bonds, international money markets (Forex trading, commodities, metals, oil & gas)

Holding a Bachelor of computer engineering from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport leading to very strong mathematical ability, in addition to Cambridge International Diploma in Business, & Inves