Ahmed Abbas


Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself. Here, I first list down in bullets what I have discovered about me so far and then maybe compile it into a para later on..


Born and brought up in one of the most busiest cities of west India - Mumbai, so definitely a city type guy but find village life pleasant too.

Completed my Bachelors in Computer Engg. from Fr.C.R.C.E in 2011.

Started career as a software developer at Quinstreet and worked there for a year and half until Feb '13. Will soon be joining BrowserStack - exciting startup based in Mumbai.

Specialized in Java, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (and frameworks for them), but also code C/C++ and PHP.

Over the last year and a half I have climbed a very steep learning curve and I now feel that I am now ready for good challengse that life can throw at me!

Personally, the occasional time alone is necessary, but I always prefer spending lots of time interacting with others socially and in business.

Sometimes a procrastinator, but do my best work under the gun anyway. (Update: Ohkay not nowadays.. Nowadays I am trying best of utilization of my time)

Not an emotional person outwards, but yes internally. (ehm ehm.., I dont allow them to affect by decisions )

Among the ones who are very curious about the why of things.

Interested in food, photography, art, the internet, people, history and a thousand other things.

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