Ahmed Abbasi

website editor and Student in Sweden

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Hey there, I'm Ahmed and I'm currently living in Sweden. (Because of the Syrian Civil War that began in 2011).

I have many interests that I like to talk about actually. I'm a "medium" website developer. So yeah I'm a fan of programming and I love hiking also!

I’m interested in some politics and also designing logos and pictures. You can also say that I'm kind of a religious person and likes the idea to be religious.

I'm not that deep in programming but I can edit and manage websites to make them look and work better. I have a huge knowledge in two programming languages CSS and HTML.

I'm interested in photographing also, Just like the idea to take and collect some pictures. Nature, people and more..

I'm planning to create a huge and very useful project in the future. If you would like to stay updated then you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Just pick one and stay updated!

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