Ahmed Abbasi

Photographer, Web Developer, and Student in Broby, السويد

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Ahmed Abbasi was born in Syria 2001. His family is from Palestinian Origin. Ahmed started to play and enjoy his time on Desktop Computers when he was just 6 years old.
He started his school in Syria. He meet some friends who where interested in Computers also.

In the beggining of 2011 Ahmed started to figure out how things work and how websites work, he was very interested in Facebook so he started to explore it and then he decided to learn more about HTML and CSS.

In 2012 Ahmed started his first website that was called FaceFox and hosted under WebStarts.com.

. The Website failed because it was built under free sub-domain. The Problem was that people couldn't buy on the internet in Syria. So he just decided to continue learning about programming languages more and how he manage hosting services and domain names.

During this Time The war in Syria started to be more dangerous so Ahmed traveled to Egypt in 2013 and stayed there 5 to 6 months. After that he and his family decided to take a boat to Europe. When they went to Europe they decided to continue to Sweden and that took from them 1 month because the trip was illegal.

Ahmed started to go to school in Sweden at the end of 2013 and he liked how the system works there. He learned Swedish very fast and decided to continue with his Goal with the technology.

He started planning to create a website where people can share their thoughts ( Discussions ) about some articles. So he decided to create the website DiscusMe. The name came from the two words ( Discuss Me ). He started building the website in 2014 and finally people can now visit the website at anytime. The website is safe and trusted by WOT "Web of Trust" and it was launched in 2016, now it's getting more popular.

- Ahmed Abbasi

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