Ahmed Ali

Al-Mansoura Egypt

I see myself as a technology geek Started at early age "14" to contact with the tech world this might be not early in big countries but here in Egypt and 10 years later the people was away from this technology revolution.My start was at internet cafes like any child with 90's Computer Games that was really fun . My first contact with internet got me on the way after this I did not look at technology as a user But a Maker I remember those days I started to learn php there was some pages and forums talk about it There was no video tutorials and the internet speed was to slow and limited I spend like 2 years playing around with php making scripts for forums and register for a free web hosting to test my scripts That lead me to the tech world I have learned many programming languages after and worked with many platforms and techniques and many other stuff Like programming for windows , Linux android , Networking , game dev Embedded systems like arduino pic microcontroller ..etc I worked in computer shop to fix computers soft&hard ware problems for about 3 years I learned a lot about electronics too that's why I have my small electronics lab in my house of course I made my first robot .Now am trying to improve myself in things like Algorithms , Data Structure Big Data , Deep Learning and Ai . Finally am not going to forget about my favorite hobby "Stargazing" .

  • Education
    • faculty of commerce mansoura university