Ahmed Al-kawaliny

Motion Graphics Designer, Project Manager, and Public Speaker in Abu Kibir, Egypt

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Multimedia Specialist @ DailyMedicalinfo.com
Social Media Specialist / Graphic Designer at Innovato-eg.com
Art Director /Media Head at TEDx ZagazigUniversity
Media Specialist at ‎MasrWorks - مصر العمل
Former President at SOBS ZAG Team - Bokra A7la‎
Former Graphic Designer at I Future
Former Graphic Designer/Co-Founder at EAGE Zagazig University Student Chapter
Former President at SOBS GEO Team S.G.T
Former Academic Research at SOBS ZAG Team - Bokra A7la
I am passionate about the Coaching, Training ,Giving talks ,Editing and Designing photos and videos with adobe products. I'm also interested in Studying Islamic history , learning new technological staff and learning languages.All of this-definitely-beside having a great passion about Geology and the universe generally.
So, Feel free to contact me at 01068446067
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Best Regards,
Ahmed Abdo Al-kawaliny