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Filmmaker in Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

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I'm Ahmed. Born and raised in Alexandria-Egypt.

I look and sound old but I'm not. You should respect people as long as they have a good personality, not by age.

Cinematography is my passion , that's why I want to be a cinematographer. Some would wonder why, why I would want to be a cinematographer. Okay, Filmmakers spend more time having fun than others, so basically, Filmmakers are capable of changing lives. I bet everyone has that favorite filmmaker whom he can't forget no matter what. I want to be that cinematographer, I want to be remembered after my death, I want to change lives..

-I support and respect LGBT people.

-I pretty much gave up on humanity and many other things.

-I am random.

-Good stuff of drugs is a major turn on.

-Vulgar, rude yet so nice.

يا هلا يا هلا

أولا أنا أسكندرني و بحب اسكندرية و الاسكندرنية دول حبيبى كلهم

أسكندرني و بقول أحيه و أنا عروس البحر

أنا لسانى طويل حبتين و جريئ شويتين و
بعبر عن كل الى بيدور فى دماغى و مبيهمنيش بقى اذا كانت أفكارى غلط ولا حرام المهم مفضلش ساجن أفكارى و هو الانسان ايه غير شوية أعضاء و فكر.
بالصلاة على نبى كدة مبحبش السهوكة و شغل التماحيك مليش فيه و نوعا ما شخصية متنقضة و بكره الروتين و بمل بسرعة.
ضد أفكار كتير ، و بشرب مياه معدنية بس مش فرفور.

كفاية كدة عشان انا طولت