Ahmed SH Bebars

Cairo, Egypt

Ahmed Sherif BeBars



My Birthday: 12th june

I"M: #Graphic_designer , #Gemini , #Alahly , #Madrid , #Weird , #Realistic & #Crazy , #mounir , #Liberal , #Single ,

love: ❤ #Evanescence #Nancy #3Alahwa

F colors: ❤ Black Red Blue & dark blue

They think I'm the legend,but I'm very real

#A_SH_BEBARS " you will live once, so enjoy every moment in your life ". but put in your mind allah watching you

"#A_SH_BEBARS" Real friends are hard to find, fake friends are easily found, fake friends don't like to see you accomplish anything, real friends would be happy for you and stick around through everything with you, they'll always be their for you, they'll always help you with a problem, real friends are hard to find, don't lose your real friends for fake friends.

لو مت افتكروني و ادعولي

  • Work
    • own business
  • Education
    • BebaRs
    • Modern Academy Maadi
    • Ministry of Defense Information Systems Institute
    • New Horizons Training Center
    • Basic Business Skills Acquisition (BBSA)-Future Generation Foundation (FGF)