Ahmed Ezzat

Ahmed Ezzat (Ahmed Ezzat Moustafa) a new born star for his phenomenal singing talent had his first glow to life on the 11th of September 1989 in Cairo, he graduated from (Faculty Of Arts A.S.U) Drama & Theatrical Criticism, loves singing and is characterized by his voice beautiful and talent from a young age, he began his artistic career since the days of school when, he was a joint team the school musical and got the first place the level of the Republic on individual singing in high school, and then participated in a small orchestra was called the "Kaza Mood Arabia".

But did not last too much, and participated Ahmed in many concerts in different places including the El Sawy Culture Wheel, even now has a lot of fans and a special after record their first prayer religious "Ya Rab" and it is the headset is always on the Star FM last Ramadan's response was act on the prayer very good start, and then record the successive collection of songs starting with "Sam'a" , "Khalek Tayeb" , "Bent W Walad" ,"Ramadan Fe Masr" ,"Wallah Mahy Far'a", "Mat Shaheed" and finally "Maa'ky".

Ahmed Ezzat has a range of concerts inside and outside Egypt was the first concert in Dubai 3th of November 2011, then the second concert at Sakiet El-Sawy in Egypt 31th of January 2012, the third concert in Alexandria city in Egypt 17th February 2012, and finally the fourth concert in the Villa Hassan Fahmy - El-Haram Giza city 16th April 2012.

Appeared as a guest in the "happy Bbag" on Channel Altanyh on television, Ahmed lifelong dream is how to connect the phoneme Alhnon all people because he is talented beautiful with Boukhama sound comfortable and quiet, participated several times in the tests of Star Academy and arrived in time for the finalists, but unfortunately did not can travel to the circumstances of recruitment, but not silent Ahmed made in the eighth season of the program itself and succeeded in passing the All tests and began to program 1- 4-2011.

Ahmed Ezzat, and appeared first on the scene of Star Academy has provided a song, Oh my country, which made all the Egyptians loved him and crying splendor of his performance of the song which glorifies martyrs of the Egyptian revolution
Then after the song appeared Voice of Freedom, and later included several songs (Touba - Ala Aad El Shoo' - Dehk W La'ab - gabbar)

Ahmed Ezzat presents all colors introduced mountain music on the stage of Star Academy ,