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Ahmed Farouk

Egypt, Mansoura

I work in the field of programming and development
Technology and entrepreneurship, Work is currently IT Engineer and Web Services and Hosting Services and Web Developer and Web designer and owner at BackGround Co.


iam an experienced and passionate web developer & designer. My main areas of expertise in web-development & designing are:

Joomla, WordPress, phpbb, MySQL, PHP,C#,ASP.NET

As SEO, I believe that the only proper way to do search engine optimization on a website is through solid whitehat techniques. You will get top quality work that takes no shortcuts in getting it right.

There are a lot of right and wrong ways to approach SEO. I also have over of experience in the field of SEO and have learned a lot about how to go about the right way to get your sites ranking high and increase traffic.

Moreover, I have good experience of content writing, academic writing and online teaching.

Service Description

If you are

……trying to get a business/personal web site built. I can build it for you from scratch by selecting the right technologies, implementing the entire system from the ground up, guiding you through web hosting provider selection and configuration, working with your designers (and even contributing to the design process), and setting up your system for e-commerce.

….developing an SEO and social media strategy. I can help you identify and integrate with social media solutions like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and reddit. I can apply best practices to ensure your web site gets the best possible search engine listings….trying to determine direction. I can recommend a set of technologies to help you get there. I can define and document an information architecture, technical architecture, and security architecture for your application. I can help you prepare a compelling fundraising story by documenting, storyboarding, or prototyping your solution. I can model and diagram your as-is and to-be business processes. I can document your use cases or user stories, and other system requirements.

….trying to augment an existing team. I can play the role of lead or senior programmer. I can help professionalize the project by implementing a thorough automated test suite, automated build process, and continuous integration strategy. I can take over development of

  • Work
    • Owner BackGround
  • Education
    • Information Systems Engineering