Ahmed Galal

My name is Ahmed Galal. I am a 27 year old business school graduate who although not having had any official graphics training, have self taught and discovered a new world I never knew existed, the world of graphic design. This wonderful world where we are able to create our own worlds! Since words have never been my favorite medium of expression I have finally found my niche! Presently, thanks God, I have been working as a professional graphic designer since 2007. I believe that concept overcomes artwork. My analogy is that concept is equal to vegetables, real food and artwork is equal to candy or special treats. Everyone gets excited for candy and treats but in the end, vegetables and real foods are what sustain us. My mission is to provide people with vegetables and real food and have them savor some candy and treats simultaneously! When I was a child I was challenged by mathematics. I did not comprehend its function. It was just numbers to me, nothing exciting or interesting about that. My father, God bless him, discovered that through analogies he was able to assist me in focusing by saying “imagine this” or “ picture that ” thereby allowing me to grasp the concepts of mathematics and envision how they are applied in the real world. Through the use of this new found skill, I have been able to deliver my thoughts and messages across to anyone whether it has been a project or personal work by minimizing my words to only three or four and attempting to place them in various situations thereby once again doing what I have learned to do best communicate through the use of…analogies.