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Ahmed Gowda

business, marketing, and consumer behaviour in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Leading the digital strategy of ASUS in the middle east, masters the art of digital marketing and the content marketing which supports the corporate to present the new innovative and incredible technologies with a digital and social approach to its customers. Holds a BA in business and I've been promoted after serving ASUS as a country marketing manager to look over the whole marketing strategy in Egypt. I'm people-oriented person that believes in the power of people to change things incredibly with their human touch, and also believes that looking for perfection is not always smartest way to do the job, it has to be beyond that, to be looking for the legacy you will leave behind and to always work with the mindset of creating a case study that will not only uplift the business but also will leave your remarkable sign in its history. This is the motive that must drive everyone to work harder and smarter every single day.

  • Work
    • Digital MKT Manager at ASUS
  • Education
    • Bachalor Business Informatics