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The American Competition Authority (Name) has investigated the anti-competitive agreements between GPs and their impact on the right of free choice of doctor.

It has emerged that mutual understandings and agreements between GPs that restrict competition are unacceptable. http://health.revieweds.com/ The LHV subsequently guidelines adapted following statement Name. Blocking the free choice of doctor is contrary

You can use the corresponding general conversation going to get out of the impasse or send him a letter and point to the decision of the Name and policies of the LHV.

If your GP practice will stick and you cannot go to the doctor of your choice you may consider contacting a contact Zorn eland Organization , e.g. client interest (they also have sample letters) or to submit to the Name a complaint.
I hope you are successful suits because a good relationship with your doctor will give you a lot, in the broadest sense of the word health.

Hike Ruby, nursing sociologist
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