Ahmed Kaley

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Spiritual Entrepreneure with A great Mission of eradication of Poverty and spread of Wealth Ahmed K from a remote tiny Island in Kenya, residing in UAE for the last 18 years. I am married with 6 children and have been in Network Marketing for the last 8 years after abandoning my Pharmacy Profession. I believe in the natural "Spiritual" Laws amongst them are are the Law of Abundancy, the law Attraction and that what you give comes back to you in manifold and that we are the Creator of our own realities. INTEGRITY ,TRUTH and RESPECT are my guiding stars as I am licensed Avatar Master in good order: http://www.avatarepc.com/ (Contributing to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization) I am creating 50k Club , Global members and my Goal is to have ONE MILLION members by the year 2013 that would contribute Positively to the evolution of the world expanding conscious awareness I love the chance to make a comfortable living way above the average working at home with all the comfort of freedom of time and personal freedom…being your own boss! "LIFE IS FOR LIVING" Be Blessed and Prosper AhmedK 97150-5843718 As more and more people begin to experience joyful, peaceful, abundant living, the barrier between countries, cultures and religious philosophies will simply melt away. ~ Bijan, Effortless Prosperity

  • Work
    • Health and Wealth LLC
  • Education
    • khamis high school
    • khamis secondary school
    • MTC Nairobi