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ahMeD said


ahMeD said


Welcome in my page >> Mnwar y3ne :D

ana a7meD my close friends by2oololy ''chipsawy''

f kolyt hanDsa ''mnb3 l rgaal '' >>ahlawy swrgY

mn zaag y3nii ''a7mD 3oraabi '' w l naas l 7lwaaa diii

w aktr 7aaagaat b3mlhaa f 7iaaty :

24 saa3aa fat7 face , ask , twitter , youtubr

2aa3d 2klm my lOve :*

5aarg m3 my friends l hmaa so7aabii y3nii ^_*

2aa3d 2bdn 3 25waaaaty

Thank you for view my page ^_^

b7bbbk awiiii y Egypt :)

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    • Faculty of Engineering
    • Zagazig University