Ahmed Nuaman

I'm a freelance designer and developer with a first class degree in Interaction Design. I have strong knowledge of the web design and development industry and my skills include the design and development of web sites, gadgets and rich media adverts. I'm a self-motivated individual, I'm happy to work as an individual or in a team and believe that it's better to try than to not try at all. My skills range from OOP Actionscript 2 & 3, PHP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript to design and real time video streaming to computer and mobile, and I'm a fully qualified Google Advertising Professional. As I am comfortable with both design and development needs, I enjoy the challenge of balancing client and business needs in order to achieve the best outcome possible. I've got professional knowledge of: Server-side: PHP, Python and MySQL Client-side: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Actionscript and MXML Programmes: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Flex Builder Usability: KISS, Accessibility and interaction design Designing: Web sites, YouTube brand channels, Rich-Media adverts (for TABS/GCN) and print media Programming: YouTube APIs, GData APIs, Flickr API, Protx 3Dsecure, PayPal API and QTSS