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Ahmed Sabek

Software Engineer in Cairo Governorate, Egypt

A Passionate System Engineer interested in Automation and Control Engineering; Trying to balance my life withpersonal development studies and sports practicing; Not willing to leave without leaving a legacy behind I graduated from German University in Cairo, Mechatronics Engineering Faculty in 2013. Currently working as a System Engineer in Valeo, Egypt

For the past years, I have moved across Validation, Development, Integration, Architecture, Prototyping and System Functional Owner tasks in the area of Automotive Comfort Driving and Assistance , which I believe gave me a wider view of the systems and hands-on experience to different competences needed for development.

During university period, I have been working and training for professional companies as well as NGOs, where I developed myself much and learned to enjoy change.

I also try to add balance to my life, I am interested in healthy living and fitness as well as reading, giving and attending personal development sessions. I seek a powerful mind, a passionate heart, a clear soul and a healthy talented body.

  • Work
    • Valeo Egypt
  • Education
    • German University in Cairo