sadia ahmed

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Hello, its Sadia, from a beautiful country with smiles everywhere, Bangladesh. I am interested in anything and everything ! As an amphibian, swimming in the water of Arts and living in the land of Science...Completed my MS in Microbiology, now working as a Research Officer at ICDDR,B... Dream to study at a graduate school, have a PhD on Molecular Biology, but when, how, I just don't know! Now, I am just enjoying everything out here! and u can also find me here:

Welcome everyone, to my tales of a seen city in an unseen view, tales of incredible biological science... stories of pebbles, the pebble I am, you are, we all are.....

  • Work
    • Virology Laboratory, ICDDR,B
  • Education
    • MS in Microbiology