Ahmed Said Forbes and Manhattan

Calgary, Canada

With over 11 years of experience in the petroleum and financial sectors, Ahmed Said is the President of the Energy Group for Forbes & Manhattan Inc, located in Toronto, Canada. With this position at Forbes & Manhattan, Mr. Ahmed Said works on mergers and acquisition transactions, as well as on global capital market strategy.

His main responsibilities include execution of programs in the energy industry that pertain to the capitalization, exploration and development of oil & gas projects. He has negotiated many foreign contracts through his leadership on senior technical and financial teams, including with host governments in the Middle East, Africa and South America. His most recent contributions include raising over $300 million in equity and debt transactions in the last five years.

His primary focus includes financing the transactions of natural resource companies, including mining, renewables, oil and gas. He holds a Bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of Calgary in Alberta. and has undertaken graduate courses in petroleum processing and executive managment.

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