Ahmed Salama

He's Ahmed , bron in Salmiya "KWT" in 1988 , a fun of sea , sea sports and anything about sea even he's trying to change his career to be around it back to the nature of the environment he grow up into , he is more into an adventure person than a worker one , but that doesn't mean he neglects his duties , Ahmed childhood was amazing it's full of memories around the Arabian Gulf , he did some mistakes he regrets and some of it he glad he did so he can be who he is today , as any person of the world Ahmed want to have a family of his own and rise his children well , but all of that depend on the right women he going to chose to be his Mrs'Salama , before this responsibilities Ahmed want to do some adventures , the biggest one is climbing Himalaya , follow that skydiving jump , blue hole diving mission , ice skating , moving in the same track on sky diving following and taking Felix Baumgartner as a mentor , in another have waves get Ahmed crazy when his saw one he just imagine like his surfing and riding it , so yes he is a fun of surfing and that's normal for the blue color lovers , reading and writing been Ahmed hobby since 6th grade he wrote some stories and some poems and he still working and his best stories ' The Prince Of Orginal ' a story he found in his dream , as a weird thing or a gift Ahmed get his ideas from his dreams like his mind think better when his is sleep , traveling is on Ahmed plan for the future and by traveling i meant for and fun , attending to world cup in his plan , well Ahmed still have a lot to tell so if u wanna know more be around him he is a good friend .