im a young filipino guy who dreams to become a model and singer in future, i started joining pageant and singing contest when i was on my first year college at University of Zamboanga philippines, Department of Allied Medicine, taking up Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology. i finished my degree last 2006. im so addicted in all kind of singnature stuff, like louis vuitton, gucci, burberry, fendi etc. im a loveable person, love his friends and So much with my family, most of the time i prefer to be alone than to deal with so overly dramatic people without just cause, love to go out side to see what life could be offer else while still living in this world.. always surfing the net to meet some interesting people that will make my day complete... god fearing person with full of goal in life and hoping to fullfil those soon........ recently working in a luxirious shop in makkah, love to meet different nationality and learn some languages.. love to eat sweets and pastas,... volley ball and bowling is my favorite sports,,

My Parents call me MAMATO
And I don't know what people think of me..So what I can say is only "I DON'T CARE", would you mind it? ..Again, I Don't Care!
"I am a harmless Creature, until all my harmones work properly".
I hate people who act over smart..
I take lot of time to adjust with anybody..might be a drawback of me.
I don't underestimate anyone.
Misunderstanding has played appreciably great strocks in my life and I am crazier than that, because I enjoy it..
And I can forgive the person who kills me, but not the one who misused me.Now I know, you are thinking, what the hell this person might be of use??
The answer is, I also don't know.But still I hate people who misuse me..now leave it.
I love to live with my friends and for friendship I don't consider their any previous achievements. I love all those who feel comfortable with me and who make me feel comfortable with them...
And I never ever go behind any person(irrespective of their SEX) who don't like my attitude and don't want to be my friend..
I believe in GOD..I am optimistic.I am Moody.
I always think positive–> Which have never helped me to achieve anything, but still it has become a