Ahmed Selim

Maintaining a solid documentation system in QA dept.

Responsible for documents control distribution and withdrawn the obsolete and invalid versions including: approved procedures, specifications, method of analysis, protocols and plans.

Responsible for daily stamping and issuance of the required BPR and BMR for production.

Distribution and filing all the inspection reports e.g.:

Follow up and perform all the required documents changes after approval and withdrawn all obsolete versions and distribution of the new versions.

Responsible for security accessibility of all the documents available in QA [hard and soft copies] through keys and protective passwords.

Responsible for assuring the destruction of all obsolete documents.

Maintaining and keeping any especially confidential records or data related to the department or to the company.

Verifying that the documentation system are in place and well maintained.

Preparing the approved document list and preparing the document status on regular basis.

Filling the documents of training, auditing [internally and externally], complaints, recall, ....etc.

Completing various administration duties of the QA department.