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Ahmed Shaaban


Before my third academic semester exams, I was infected with generalized sub-cortical epileptic activity which led to mild Alzheimer's with temporarily and almost complete memory loss. I was absent and exempted from only one academic year although the treatment still needed few more years. I was about to quit education once and for all. Also, before the bachelor's degree final semester exams, I had a surgery due to a severe humerus fracture and I was about to postpone one more academic year. Although all these struggles, I didn't give up and I had some remarkable fine achievements.

Now I am working as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Vodafone Egypt, an MBA student at Marymount California University, a Computers and Systems Engineer Graduate from Ain Shams University, I am from the 100 MENA scholars that studied at the prestigious Global Business Institute program at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University; I was leading a team that was from the top ten teams that were promoted to present their feasibility study at the Department of State at Washington DC. Former Google's Student Ambassador-MENA for the academic year 2013-2014, Former IT intern at Vodafone Egypt at the Technology department in the Quality & Service Assurance sub-department and was evaluated with performance rating of "Exceeding Expectations". I am also a candidate at One Young World, Former Student and Youth Ambassador at the European access network World Congress, International Exchange Alumnus, Certified Tester from the International Software Testing Qualification Board. I was an IEEE Member and also I Participated in the IEEE/IBM Smarter Planet Challenge. Now I have taken several self paced courses, and now I am pursuing the Data Science Specialization of Johns Hopkins University through Coursera.

  • Work
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Education
    • Computer and Systems Engineering
    • MBA