ahmed shreef Muhammad

Giza, Egypt

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About• Full name: Ahmed shreef Muhammad

• Birthplace: Cairo/Egypt .

• Hair Color: Black. Eye Color : Green.

• Favourite Movie: Sadat days.

• Favourite Music: Yanni.

• Favourite Book: The secret.

• Favourite Clothing:,Zara.

• Favourite Jeans: Zara,H&M Favourite Sports brand: Adidas.

• Favourite Perfume: Dunhill desire - Red.

• Favourite watches: Guess collection Gc. + Swatch

• Favourite sunglasses: Ray Ban.

• Favourite computers brand: Apple

• Favourite Shoes wear: Timberland,Hush puppies,.

• Favourite Chocolate: Galaxy.

• Favourite Ice Cream Flavor: Caramel.

• Favourite Male Singer: Amr Diab ,Mohamed Mounir.

• Favourite Sport: Tennis,Squash, Football.

• Favourite tennis players: Roger Federer,Rafeal Nadal.

• Favourite Color: Blue.

| N.E.W YEAR - N.E.W LIFE | ==

August 31 at 12:00am - September 1 at 12:01am

. . . Ahmed shreef . . .

I love the sea and sit in front of him, and I love to travel in many places

ana 3ayesh ba7eb el nas w mosh bakrah 7ad -----

The Heart Wants Wat The Mind Cant Have !! ♥

Feel The Melody ♥ !!

I'm Ahmed.Shreef

and i am looking to be a director or ART-DIRECTOR .

Designer ,Photographer, Writer,Vedio Editor and Director....

i like the Graphics and Multimedia Designs..writing stories and adv ,still image and tv commercials ,,,
it's a good something to do that how to make idea come true...

i wanna make a new different designes and adv for a lot of products...and a lot of things,,,give a sence some audio and video effect's... the degital photography,the directing in general

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