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Ahmed Tharwat

Passionate about design in its myriad forms, Ahmed Tharwat A. Mahmoud is fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in many disciplines alongside seasoned professionals in the areas of architecture, interior design and project management. Throughout his ten years of work experience in the field, this has allowed him to develop a rather unique approach to solving architectural, interior design and engineering problems, one that encompasses a view to finding comprehensive unified solutions in all the projects he has undertaken.

Having been raised and educated in Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Mahmoud studied Architecture at Helwan University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in architectural design in 2001. In 1999, he was awarded first place in Medina's first annual student design competition and started working in 2001 full time for two years with the reputable architectural design office of Dr. Ahmed Mito, which specializes in prestigious architectural design, and the creation of public facilities for notable authorities such as The Supreme Court in Egypt. In 2010, after several years of experience and studies of the project management body of knowledge, Mr. Mahmoud has one of the PMI respected credentials, Certified Associate in Project Management.

In architectural and interior design projects, excellent communication between client and designer begins with the attentive listening to the clients stated needs, desires and expectations. The designer converses the functional solutions and artistic expression, along with the client’s vision into a final concept. The design solution should stress the preeminence of the function, incorporating innovative artistic means and delivering high quality workmanship to achieve client satisfaction in any given project. Being fluent in many diverse software packages gives Mr. Mahmoud a broad knowledge base which helps him utilizing it effectively to deliver clear precise design ideas.