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Welcome to Ahmed Tours, one of the largest suppliers of budget umrah packages and economy umrah packages in the worldwide and UK markets. Our expertise solely concentrates on getting the best value for money for our customers. We recognise and appreciate that Hajj and Umrah packages can be a costly expense, especially if you are taking a family. Our target is to work on your behalf to help you make the journey affordable yet as convienient service wise as possible. There should be no hindrance in visiting the house of Allah (SWT) and his beloved prophet Muhammed (PBUH), this is because the more one visits the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah the more attachement it grows and more spiritually rewarding and fulfilling the life becomes.

We undertsand that different individuals have different financial capacit and restraints. Our budget umrah packages and economy umrah packages are tailor made for those families and individuals who are constrained by the amount they can spend. As we purely concentrate on this market, we can definately make your budgets work for you to a greater degree than most pther suppliers. Ours is an expansive catalogue of normal standard hoteliers in the cities of Makkah and Madinah, allowing us to ensure that customers always get what they want and they do not have to spend more then they can afford. There is no greater satisfaction in achieving your targets within the means you have.

Ahmed Tours has been servicing guest of Allah since the early 1980's. Unparalelled service and the provision of budget umrah packages and economy umrah packages on a consistent basis has allowed us to stand the test of time and be present in the Hajj and Umrah arket for over three decades. Our formula of getting the best value for money for our customers has been well appreciated by our hundreds of well-wishers and loyal repeat clients. They form the backbone of our success and presence in this highly competitive market.