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Anders Heibrock Mortensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

With a passion for digital technologies I have spent the past years working in mobile industry, manly in the area of app development both in personal projects and as a professional Project Manager at one of Denmark’s leading app development agencies.

The clients I have worked with include Audi Denmark, WV, Danish Postal Service, Nordisk Film, Dagbaldet Børsen (danish finacial times), Pandora Jewlery, Nykredit, ISS, Lego and a number of danish and global startups.

The combination of my passion for digital technologies, my educational background and the work in the app development industry has lead me to acquire a vast understanding of the mobile industry in every aspect possible. Whether it being that of app development, being up to date on the latest technologies or understanding the different platform design guidelines I have made it my goal to be an expert on everything mobile.

As a project manager I have worked with developer teams both in house and off shore. I have a great knowledge of managing projects from start to finish, including project planning & budgeting, concept development, negotiation and developing requirements specification.

In my role as project manager has also lead me to consulting a number of clients on platform technology and diversity, tracking insights and guiding clients to best UI practices and user experience within mobile app development. Recently this has led me to work with statistics, research and trends within the mobile and digital technology area. The research has been the basis of numerous sales initiatives.

Always trying to use new technology or services in either client project or personal projects. As well as being up to date on any new start up that can provide this technology or service

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    • Technical University of Denmark