Ahn Hyunki

Seoul, South Korea.

Call me Hyunki.

I love Kpop. I like almost all Kpop groups and singers, but my only fandom is Starlight, which is VIXX's. I was an ELF (Forever 15 to be exact), but my faith broke when Eunhyuk made a clear declaration about Zhou Mi's and Henry's position. Delutional, I know.

I always listening to music, because I had grew addicted to it. I prefer up-beat songs, and some mid-tempo ballads. I don't really like sweet-tuned songs and slow ballads.

Other than listening music, I love to sing. I'm not confident, but my friends say that I have a nice voice. Well, I think that's just because I always sing along with the songs I like, so that my voice is a bit trained.

I really liked it to be able to going online. Especially to know updates about VIXX/Kpop and know how is my parents and friends doing. I also use the chance to read fanfics and download songs/videos.

As for personality, I'm one of the introvert type. I hardly open up. I will be humble and cheerful towards people that close with me, also when I communicating with writing. But otherwise, I will be cold. I'm bad at communicating with speaking.

  • Work
    • Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Education
    • Seoul National University