Absolute Capital Homes

Absolute Capital Homes has a long track record of helping people from all walks of life. The housing industry and its players know it as one of the best investment firms on the East Coast. The people who end up building their lives in the homes the firm sells, on the other hand, have a far more personal relationship with it.

Jonathan Dieguez founded his company so that he could help others. While making money was definitely a concern that resonated with investors and shareholders, he had a secret of his own. Jonathan knew that the housing industry held the keys to more than just new homes. He understood that people's lives were at stake, and that he could produce positive changes as well as financial benefits.

From a History of Working for Homeowners...

Sometimes, people can't pay their mortgages. The reasons why are diverse. Although some are simply irresponsible, others suffer from far more extenuating circumstances. This company has helped homeowners who:

Suffered debilitating illnesses

Had just gone through divorces

Were saddled with poor credit and debt

Who simply didn't understand their options and responsibilities as consumers.

Though they were many, these homeowners were just the tip of the iceberg. Mr. Dieguez also created numerous programs to help people with low credit. By teaching them to build their scores, he ensured that the New York real estate grew healthier overall.

...To Providing New Beginnings for Investors

The Absolute Capital Homes team has seen action on both sides of the battle, and they grew to believe that things could be resolved more peacefully. Instead of teaching investors how to squeeze every penny out of homeowners, the firm teaches them how to profit longer from fairer rates. It has forged relationships with a host of third party support services, creating a multi-state network of construction and broker assistance.

Absolute Capital Homes has changed the market by making it easier to invest on all fronts. For the buyers, it's easier to invest in a home, secure in the knowledge that it's an intelligent, high-quality purchase. For investors and real estate brokers, modern market research and active education makes housing a less high-risk endeavor. In all, Mr. Dieguez's work has made things much friendlier and far more profitable for everyone looking to invest in real estate.