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Heidi Hornlein

Public Speaker, Online Trainer, and Authentic Voice Coach in Otricoli, Italien

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We come to this world to fulfill a unique mission - and we pass most of our life to find out what exactly this mission is. - and when we are humble enough we might find it with all its implications, fulfillment and fatigue , happiness and overwhelm - and finally we can hold the complexity and stop to search for the RIGHT as opposed to wrong. This is the liberation.

Professional skills and experiences:

- Online Show host at "The Wisdom"

- Website creation and Online Presence Coach

- Counselor trained in Gestalt

- Relationship coach

-Voice teacher and therapist, classical singer

-Feminine Power Coach, Calling-in-the-One and Conscious Uncoupling

- Retreat Host and Trainer

-- Retreat and Guesthouse Owner

- Cultural Association "PARADISO INTEGRALE"

- Organic Farming, alternative life

I am German and live in Italy, near Rome for about 30 years now, right in the beautiful Umbrian landscape surrounded by olive trees wherever you look! I was irresistibly attracted by Italian Opera, by Italian weather and the powerful beauty of this country.

I am happy to welcome you as a holiday guest or participant of a retreat or a course in out Cultural Association PARADISO INTEGRALE (about growth and self-management, integral theory and practice, authentic voice etc)

At the moment I am learning all the technical stuff to be online to fulfill my mission: it is all about consciousness and growing up into the expansion of our potential. It is letting people know how they can find their authenticity and authentic voice in the world, How they can attract their ideal partner, how they can up-level their current relationships or separate smoothly when this is the best thing to do. Yo can watch our videos on YOU TUBE here on my profile or under "Paradiso Integrale - the Power of Relationship"

And I will include my great expertise in how to develop the sound of our voices, how to become authentic in vocal expression - and as a whole human being.

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