adam s. horowitz


The US Department of Arts and Culture: Barn-raising the new people-powered department.

Bowery Arts + Science: Running an arts organization and a venue in downtown Manhattan.

Ways of Being Together: A series exploring the latent possibilities in any roomful of people.

Mystery Days: A community experiment in getting lost and coming back. (pilot stage)

COAL: Consulting on action-engagement for performance project about energy.


The Future Project: Founding team member of national education initiative.

Theater Magazine: Various contributions, including a feature on theater and cultural agency in Colombia.

Ausente: A devised theater piece created with an interethnic group of teens in Colombia.

Public Show and Tell: A series of sharing events in public spaces in CT, NY, and MA.

Harvest of Barren Regrets: Original maskmaking, music, and street theater.

World Performance Project at Yale: Interview series with dozens of visiting artists.

Si se puede bailar: Award-winning ethnography on performance and immigration in New Haven, CT.

T-CAST: An audio-documentary about storytelling in the US.


educational program design, storytelling, community engagement strategy, creative facilitation, live experience design, musical composition, more

past clients include Ashoka, International Folk Art Market, Sansori