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Aaron Horsey

At the moment I am a second year Biomedical Science student at Nottingham Trent University.

I aim to be well travelled and experienced and look to apply the skills I have to challenges wherever possible. I will always perform at my best when on my own, showing independence and initiative, but work incredibly efficiently as both a team leader and member. Getting the best from everybody in a team requires you give 100% from yourself.

I am adept with most basic laboratory skills, especially those relating to microbiology. I also have experience in chemistry labs and physiology (both macro and microscopic scales!). My university and course allow me to develop these skills yet, even after my time there, I will look to continually hone them.

I am also heavily interested in the relationship between large biocompanies and the public. In terms of safety, provision of production and, of course, social responsibility. I hope to make my mark in the scientific world but, for now, am happy to follow its motion and take, or make, opportunities.