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Alison Howson

East Coast, Australia

So, you've decided you want to go to market to engage a supplier - for goods, for services, for support - it doesn't really matter!!

You have a good handle on what you want - right? You also know why you want it. But are you sure how you want it delivered? What about the boring contract bits? They may be boring, but if not considered up-front, they may well come back to bite you!

I can build a simple no nonsense wrapper around your requirements.
I can help you tell the story of why you want what you do, and clarify how potential partners should respond, in a way that makes it easier to sort out who you want. I can help make your RFP clearer - which makes it easier for suppliers to respond, and for you to evaluate the responses.

I've always wondered why people have to use buzz words, and why simple ideas get clouded with corporate jargon. When people are unsure of what they want, or don't know if it will really fly, they often rely on buzz-words or jargon.

After a corporate life spent working with the ideas of others, and seeing people doing things the same old way, just because that's how it was always done, I've decided to try something different - something for me, but a something that can make things easier for others!

I created TENDER GURU. Contact me to help you develop an RFP that will help get you the supplier relationship you really WANT to have!

Key Thoughts:

KISS - Keep it Simple

Don't use vacuous, buzz-words to sound important

Be transparent when communicating

Share, teach, train, explain

Based in Merimbula on the East Coast of NSW, Australia, I am available to work across Australia. Contact me to discuss your needs.

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