Ahsan Iqbal

Ahsan wants to be the leading expert in branding and advertising for the cultural and creative generation. He loves writing, reading. He knows how to do the thing best all by his own; though he doesn’t trust others when he seeks glory. However, he is a good learner and helper all the time. During his last work experience with TRG (The Resource Group), as a CSR, he really proved that he can be a good team player. At the same time, he has been awarded four times star performer amongst his 7 month career with TRG. Recently, he is doing his MBA from ‘University of Karachi’; acquiring knowledge for being a good marketer. You can easily contact him via e-mail or social media sources.

E-mail Address: mrahsaniqbal.1@gmail.com

Facebook Profile link: http://www.facebook.com/charmingahsan

Blog Link: http://mentalreplica.blogspot.com/