Ahsan Swati


I am a God's creation but unique and built in with a tension free chip.Carefree mode is always on, and this is the way i move on.I love my life, the way it is , the way it is ought to be, the way I'm planning it and the way it will be in future.I never lose myself,I 've got strong nerves. Right hand writer,right hand table tennis player,right hand batsman,right hand slapper and similarly right foot butt kicker.You mess things up for me, I mess up your whole life.You create problems for me,I make you a problem for your own self. People say that I'm stupid but my father says that I say very intelligent things..if you are laughing at this you yourself are stupid.They say I'm emotionless because I'm strong enough to hold myself together in front of them and they also dont know how much i wept while watching "Kabhi khushi kabhi gham" There are a few people who crave for my presence and regret my absence, and then there are those as well who crave for my absence and regret my presence! The complete definition of the word Perfect. A few bad habits you may find in me are that I'm too arrogant, too possessive, too stubborn, rude and harsh as well.I dont want to change myself because these bad qualities at times have helped me to stand up for myself and speak.I now know how to fight back, how to give the other one a shut up call and how to cold shoulder them.I now know how to make myself dominant and more conspicuous.I now know to make everyone give me importance and I now know how to lead rather than follow. I love music and reading books. Extremely down to earth just five feet and four inches above the ground. Add me if you can't help yourself. And if you want to send me an inbox dOnt UsE ThiS shiTTy KinDa fOnt tO tEll mE WhAt kiNd Of ignOrant fOOl yOu aRe..!! I wont add you if you are an unknown..so dont lose your integrity and dont add me if you dont know me. *People please for heaven's sake stop copying my profile!!!!Try to be innovative and write one for yourself

  • Work
    • Sublime Group of Companies
  • Education
    • Army Public School And College Shinkiari
    • Army Public School & College Shinkiari
    • Mansehra public school and college Mansehra
    • Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences (QASMS)
    • Abasen Public School & College Mansehra