Ahsen Sindhi

Blogger, Writer, and Activist in Pakistan

Ahsen Sindhi

Blogger, Writer, and Activist in Pakistan

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I'm Ahsen, a medical graduate, but aspiring to be an entrepreneur, a writer, a performing artist.

I'm an occasional blogger. I write on socio-political issues. Read my personal blog here or articles published elsewhere, here. My birth name is used at most places.

I love to volunteer. I believe in exploring one's capabilities and contributing where possible. Recently, I worked for Tripda, an online carpooling application, as Business Development Associate for my university campus. I have been an editor for few minor publications, including a student magazine named Renaissance in my university, which came up as a project of Progressive Youth of LUMHS (PYLUMHS) – a student forum - where I also acted as head coordinator.

Before that, I had been a part of youth activism, having volunteered (as a participant, social media marketeer and communications manager) for a youth NGO, Nawabshah Youth Organization (NYO), and 'graduated' in YLC (2012) by renowned School of Leadership (SoL), and PYC (2011) by Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF).

As a humanist, I believe in a secular pro-welfare democracy with complete safeguard of international human rights. I believe in human freedom and support the liberal values of life.

As a nature-lover, I am a supporter of animals rights and strongly believe that urgent steps need to be taken for the preservation of the natural environment.

On a lighter note, I take divine pleasure in music, and love rapping and dancing. I proudly copy the King of Pop and also do dream of being in the spotlight some day.

I also pen poetry (not much published). I'm a car enthusiast. I take interest in human history, culture & languages.

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