Ahsen Jamali

Student in Sindh, Pakistan

Ahsen Jamali

Student in Sindh, Pakistan

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I'm Ahsen, an undergraduate medical student, but an aspiring entrepreneur and writer.

I love to volunteer. I believe in exploring one's capabilities and contributing where possible. Recently, I worked for Tripda, an online carpooling application, as Business Development Associate for my university campus. I have worked as an editor for few minor publications, including a student magazine on social issues named Renaissance in my university, which came up as a project of Progressive Youth of LUMHS (PYLUMHS) – a student forum - where I also acted as head coordinator.

Before that, I had been a part of youth activism, having volunteered (as a participant, social media marketeer and communications manager) for the youth NGO, Nawabshah Youth Organization (NYO) in early days, and 'graduated' in YLC (2012) by renowned School of Leadership (SoL), and PYC (2011) by Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF). My most recent involvement has been as an OC Member for MUN in my university, the Model United Nations In LUMHS (MUNIL) (2015).

As a humanist, I believe in a secular pro-welfare democracy with complete safeguard of international human rights. I believe in human freedom and support the liberal values of life. I believe that participation of every individual is important for the democratic process.

As a nature-lover, I am a supporter of animals rights and strongly believe that urgent steps need to be taken for the preservation of the natural environment.

On a lighter note, I take divine pleasure in music, and love rapping and dancing. I proudly copy the King of Pop and also do dream of being in the spotlight some day.

I pen poetry (never published), cherish writing and reading (J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown, and thousands of non-fiction pieces). I'm an occasional blogger.

I'm a car enthusiast. I love humor and take interest in languages, human culture & history, and lots more.

Got something to share? I'd love to hear!

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