Ahsen Parwez


Hey! I am Ahsen Parwez, with ‘h’ pronounced from the epiglottis (it may sound weird, but believe me, Arabic phonetics do have this sound). I’m twenty two and currently in my final year of college, enrolled in mechanical engineering course at IIT Kanpur, India.

I love exploring things. During my college, I have involved myself in diverse activities. I worked in manufacturing when I interned at ITC, where my project was to automate their manufacturing facilities. I was also part of a college start-up, which catered to students appearing for competitive exams conducted online. I was a team member of the organizing committee for college festivals and my present work is in area of phase changes and associated phenomena.

In my free time, I like reading novels, especially those on science and science fiction. I love astronomy; for me, exploring the stars and galaxies is not only wonderful and awe-inspiring, but also a most humbling experience as one realizes the grand scale of the cosmos. On a side note, I am also an avid Breaking Bad fan and one of my heartiest desires is to be in a real life situation where I get to shout out "Yeah Science, Bitch!"

I am a happy and jovial person, my motto being that you should always be yourself, unless you can be Batman; then always be Batman.

  • Education
    • Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur