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AhShanti Peace


AhShanti means loosely translated joyful peace. It is what I have finally found after a life of trauma.

I realized that we, all of us create our realities and destinies every moment of our lives. The Secret really is no secret, it is the wisdom of mystics, shamans and monks throughout time

A wisdom that has grown quiet in our modern digitally overloaded lives because we are all struggling to survive amidst the technicolor chaos we call reality.
I am a classically trained, certified & licensed reiki master, meditation teacherseeress,adept,shaman,psychic medium,energy worker,manifestation coach,psychic abilities coach with nearly 20 yrs professional, public experience. I am LBGT, PTSD and Autism supportive.

I offer a multi disciplined approach to all your issues in life. Love, Money, transformational coaching, meditation coaching, hauntings,etc. My rates for consultations start at $200, no time limit. Student rates are $200/mo. If you need energy work,shamanic work or paranormal assistance message me with your needs and I will give you a quote. My rates for this start at $200. Message me

  • Work
    • Intuive Life Coach, Medium and Meditation teacher